Chic Fall Centerpieces October 04, 2016 13:47

Fall is my favorite time of the year! I don't get excited about sweaters and boots, or pumpkin spice lattes (though both of these things are awesome!) The part of fall that I most look forward to is the decorating! It's time to put away bright summer colors in favorite of golds, rustic, and warm inviting spaces.

One of the tricky areas for fall decorating is the dining table centerpiece though. So today I am sharing a few different looks to change up your fall style. This first look is super simple - a large metallic gold bowl with AMAZING cutout detail. I chose to fill it with green moss balls, but you could choose pinecones. Or a giant candle. Or a bunch of smaller candles. Or nothing! When you have a bowl as detailed as this one - leaving it empty is just fine. I do love a touch of green in each room though. It makes it feel alive and fresh.

A seasonal candelabra is versatile for all cool-weather seasons. Here I paired it with gold birch stems for fall. When winter and Christmas come I plan to change it up with a simple garland and some mercury glass ornaments. This transitions well into spring with white cherry blossoms or yellow forsythia. I don't like to own pieces that only serve one purpose; if it's in my house, you know I am using it for multiple seasons in fresh ways.

How about this for easy - your favorite tray, a hurricane with a cool windowpane detail, a tall airy plant (in this case a faux cattail grass), and some shiny brass antlers. Simple. Rustic. Chic.

Do you want to make it even easier? Try a bowl with beautiful texture filled with Artichokes (these are faux - they never get old).

Did you see this dough bowl I posted about last week?

Well here is it's cousin decorated with wildflowers in awesome Zinc Vases (which we spotted at Magnolia Market and had to have!)

My final fall look is not fall at all - but it is glam and classy and looks amazing for any season! This two-tone collection of gold and white vases adds a little sparkle to the dining room and can be dressed up or down as the need arrises! The important part of this centerpiece is to find pieces that vary in size and texture. 

All of the looks above can be adapted to fit your space and personal style! As you can see, fall decorating doesn't have to be pumpkins and orange. 

Styles available from Jute Home Co. at Market on Oct 7 & 8, 2016.

Easy updates March 01, 2015 10:24

Custom Coffee Cart

One of the easiest update you can do in your own home is repurposing a piece of furniture you already own. This is a custom made coffee cart from Jute Home Company that I have been loving as my coffee station for the past three months. 

It has great texture thanks to the reclaimed barn wood from a century old barn in neighboring North Dakota. The metal L posts and casters make piece modern and very versatile.

While this piece has been great as a coffee cart, the Minnesota winter has been dragging on and I felt like I  needed a mini facelift for my home. Instead purchasing a whole new piece of furniture, I decided to try this awesome cart in a different location. The results were exactly what I hoped for!

By moving the piece into my dining room, it now becomes a welcoming bar cart for entertaining. I styled it with my favorite glassware and some Copper Moscow Mule mugs, as well as a few bottles of wine and a great chrome beverage bucket. The best part about this makeover? It cost $0! 

Many people think that reclaimed wood doesn't fit into their home. It all depends on how it is styled. This item went from "old barn" to "rustic luxe" thanks to the perfect styling. The shiny pieces and mixed metals make this modern perfection.

What do you think of my bar/coffee cart transformation? Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that could have a new life with a little restyle?




Coming Soon! Jute Home Company January 28, 2015 15:02

We are so excited about this new home company! Thank you so much for all of your positive feedback! We feel blessed to be able to embark on this adventure of creativity and make your home a beautiful space that you love!

The premise of Jute Home Co. is that we will come into your home, help you with a room (or rooms) that you would like to change. We can go as far as redesigning the whole space, or we can offer simple changes like paint colors and moving furniture. At our design studio we showcase different custom furniture pieces made by McKane (such as bar carts, farmhouse tables, bookcases, etc.) as well as design by me. The studio is a retail location, but is only open by appointment. We will be hosting multiple market-style weekends though that it will be open to all! Come for shopping or come for inspiration.

This has been my dream since I was a little girl. I drove my mother (and the mothers of all of the kids I babysat) crazy because I was constantly rearranging things! Good thing they liked the new arrangements otherwise I would have been in trouble! Sometimes it just takes a fresh, unbiased eye to see how a space could best be utilized.