Jute is a beautiful natural material that has been used for many centuries.  It is tough and durable, and its application can be seen throughout history. This is the style that Jute Home Company wants to bring to your home. We get our inspiration from nature; the vibrant colors of a Minnesota lake and the contrast of an old grey barn against a bright green field.

Your home should be a natural representation of your unique style. It should be beautiful and awe inspiring with a tradition that spans years. It should reflect the practicality of your daily life. Your home's history should feel like a personal collection that has happened over many years.

At Jute Home Company, we want to work with you to create your perfect home. Whether it is advice on a new paint color, or a re-style, we are the company that will work for you. Husband and wife duo, McKane and Amy, work together to design and carry out a plan to make your house a timeless home that you will love for years to come.